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Website Design:

There’s no limit to what we can do to transform your Site. Besides, we can reproduce anything you want from the Internet. Having designed many Websites for some time, we can confidently tell you that the only criterion that matters is that the site actually generates traffic and revenue for the client.

Responsive Site:

As you probably already know, mobile design has become the global priority, whether for classic mobiles, smart phones such as iPhone or Android, tablets (iPad etc.) Placement in Search Engines is based on the visibility of a mobile site or a “mobile friendly” Site.

We can create a Site that adapts to all platforms and resolutions.

Rebuilding your Website:

The solution may not be as drastic as you might think!

If your Website receives many visitors but generates few requests for information from customers, or the sales do not seem significant, it is necessary to think that your Site discourages visitors who do not find what they need to close a sale. That’s a design problem and we can show you how to fix it! Does your site include frames, tables, use Java or Flash? Search Engines don’t always respond well to certain elements that go into the design of the site for technical reasons. There are solutions to work around this problem. We can create the necessary elements and make changes in the programming of your site to make it compatible with the various Search Engines.


First, know that there are a multitude of ways to sell your products online, many of which do not always require a standalone virtual shopping cart system to generate sales. It can be a simple Paypal system with purchase buttons inserted into html pages without databases and security certificates (SSL). Of course, if you want one, we’ll build it for you and make sure it works well and visitors place orders with you.

Content Management:

Our dynamic Sites are created with the aim of making you as independent as possible. A user-friendly and very intuitive administrator interface allows you to be the first responders on your own site (Content Management System – CMS like Worpress or Joomla to name a few). Thus, you are no longer dependent on designers and can easily manage the content on your own. We can train you on this tool.

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other Social Medias:

Allows you to personalize the visual of your account in the colors of your company while making its visit more pleasant for Internet users. It is no longer a new trend but a necessity used more and more by large companies.

Responsive Design Specialists
Responsive Design Specialists
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